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Natalie Mills., Licensed Professional Counselor

No matter what your past, you can be transformed. Just as a lowly Chrysalis is transformed into a beautiful butterfly, your family has the potential to transform into something beautiful.

If your relationship or family is experiencing difficult challenges or is in crisis, I can be of help.  I am a strong believer in the ability to of couples and families to find the strength to repair relationships and restore intimacy.

Relationship distress
Relationships can sometimes become uncertain in spite of a previous sense of completeness and permanence.

I can help you evaluate your level of compatibility and the fitness of your relationship for the long-term.  If desired, I can provide testing for couples that evaluates important areas of compatibility.  This can provide clarity and direction regarding areas of your relationship which need attention.

Pornography, Cyber Sex, Virtual Relationships
Many relationships have been affected by the computer age and the advent of easy access to Pornography, Cyber sex, and virtual relationships.

We can work together toward understanding and overcoming this growing challenge to marriage and couple relationships.

Affairs in monogamous relationships rupture trust and security.  I can help couples work through the difficult time following an affair and learn to rebuild trust, create opportunities for forgiveness and a renewal of the relationship.

If a divorce decision has been made, counseling as a couple or individually can minimize the emotional damage to yourself, your spouse and your children.

As you are faced with the difficult process of separating lives, I can help you navigate the turbulent waters that will ebb and flow throughout this process.  I am especially interested in helping couples to minimize the emotional effects of divorce on themselves and their children.  The focus will be on quality of life for the children and emotional and relational health for life after divorce.

Blended Families and Step-Parenting
Blended families and step-parenting can be especially challenging as the different cultures and traditions of numerous individuals come together and vie for position and validity.  Influence and sometimes interference from previous relationships can provide additional challenges to the new family’s bonding and cohesion.

Starting with the couple relationship we can work toward understanding and overcoming some of the common problems that can arise with blended families and step-parenting and help you get your new family on the road to successful living.

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My office is centrally located in West Linn, just off of 205, and easily accessible to residents of Wilsonville, Canby, Oregon City, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Lake Grove, Happy Valley, Gladstone.  I belong to Family counselors west linn or

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    What is Chrysalis?

    A transitional stage through which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. During the chrysalis phases of our life, little may appear to be happening because much of the change is occurring internally, beneath the surface.

    These transitions involve shifts in the way we see the world. A chrysalis stage is a time when the former way of being is no longer possible and a new “Self” has not yet emerged. This is a time of exploration, questioning, and discovery.

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    My office is centrally located in West Linn, just off of 205, and easily accessible to residents of Wilsonville, Canby, Oregon City, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Lake Grove, Happy Valley, Gladstone.